Facilitated By:

amanda david

Amanda is a community herbalist, the mother of three amazing children, and the creator of Rootwork Herbals, The People’s Medicine School and The Bramble Collective. She tends plants and people growing gardens, handcrafting remedies, offering consultations and teaching. Her approach to herbalism is based in the folkways, on building intimate relationships with the plants that grow nearby in order to bring herbal medicine and home healthcare to the people. In doing this, she sees herbalism as a means to support life and thus resist against oppressive systems, which undermine health. Above all, Amanda is a lover of plants and a lover of people and is passionate about bringing them together in a down to earth, joyful and accessible way that promotes personal and planetary healing.

Love Letters:

“My favorite part was how grounded in anti-colonial work the content was. It was really important for me to be a part of a journey with plants which included an intersectional analysis. I really appreciate how much care and thought was taken into making this course really accessible to BIPOC folks as well as making this a safe(r) space for BIPOC folks to reclaim ancestral knowledge of plant medicines. Thank you so much for all of the resources that you put together for us!”

Rose - 2021 PMS Student

“Amanda is very patient, very open, and very careful in her explanations of things. She also exudes an aura of trusting her students/fellow workers to do the right thing with adequate instructions. I love working with her and hearing her strong, quiet love for what she does.”

Charlotte - 2017 PMS Student

“You are a wonderful teacher, Amanda! Your gift for sharing plants and their medicine is so needed in this world. You make it very accessible for everyone. Thank you!”

Jenni- 2018 PMS Student

“The one-on-one with plants is eye-opening. The herb and medicine preparation within a beautiful community of curious and engaged herb-workers feels like “coming home” to an ancient ritual.”

Clarissa- 2017 PMS Student